Our Services

SupportOpenAssist: Technical Support / Managed Service

  • A fully, or partially managed technical support Service for your business.
  • Each of the OpenTech “OpenAppliance” products (shown below) come with a comprehensive fully managed service comprising:
  • Remote monitoring to alert if supported services have gone down or are experiencing issues.
  • Remote technical support for both Server and Desktop support. Windows, Mac or Linux systems.
  • A support contract can be chosen which is either reactive to these alerts, or simply be notified of them.
  • Assistance with Apple, Android and other smartphones and tablets.

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OpenAppliances: Easy Business Solutions to get you moving

A number of products configured by OpenTech to fulfil the needs of most common medium sized businesses. Each of the appliances come with our OpenAssist managed support service included!

Enterprise Resource Planning (Sales, Process Workflows, CRM, Invoicing, Payroll & More)


Your businesses’ Enterprise Resource Planning & CRM was never easier and more cost effective! Using our web based solution, your business can perform most of the main business actions such as Accounting, Invoicing, Customer Relationship Management etc (see below for a feature list), all in one easy to use software package.

We use Odoo ERP, now used by over 2,000,000 companies worldwide.

The main features that OpenTech’s ERP solution provides is:

  • Customer management/relationship management (CRM). Allows a salesperson to deal with leads, opportunities and activities.
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Invoicing
  • Sales management, pipeline & campaign management, marketing and customer service modules,
  • Kanboard Style Project Management,
  • Inventory, Repairs, Fleet, Equipment, Expense & Purchase Management.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Many other mature features by simply adding in the feature from the ‘Apps’ page, or downloading additional add ons from 3rd parties.
  • Suitable for businesses sized from 1-300,000 users!
  • Additional 24×5 phone support is available on request at further cost.

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CloudStore OpenAppliance

*-8A ‘private cloud’ file storage, sharing and collaboration service ala DropBox/Google Drive & Docs. Cloudstore is a universal file access platform that is hosted in your data center, or securely in the cloud with OpenTech. CloudStore delivers the visibility, control and integration into complex, secure and compliant environments, whilst providing users the frictionless access to all of their files from any device (including mobile phones & tablets).

Based on the NextCloud/OwnCloud technology, the software has over 10 million community and enterprise users, it is the preferred file access solution for organizations across the globe.

*-13Database OpenAppliance

MySQL, an enterprise database, OpenTech can provide front end web interfaces for this customised for client needs, anything from contact databases to process/workflow management (as per OpenWorkflows, below).

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) OpenAppliance

  • D*-35esktop as A Service (like VMWare Horizon or Citrix Virtual Desktop).
  • Provides a completely centralised desktop experience – with all applications and administration being delivered from the server side.
  • Provides Windows applications as well as Linux based ones seamlessly side-by-side.
  • Allows your business to re-use aged hardware to use the latest in software, without any loss in performance!


*-42OpenWorkflows: Bespoke Business Workflow Software

Every business operates on processes and workflows, yet even in this day and age of technology, many businesses are operating in a below optimal manner. Paper based systems, use of e-mails for rigid processes, unwieldy spreadsheets or word documents to name but a few. Almost every business has some area where this could be improved by automating workflows.

  • Using our skills in Web programming and databases, OpenTech can create bespoke business process management (BPM) solutions, where they are out of the scope of the ERP appliance we offer (above).
  • For example, a staff member has to request the status of a particular job that an engineer is/has undertaken at their processing plant. The engineer would click on a link in the process workflow web page saying that they have acknowledged the job, started the job, completed the job, or any other status it can go through. This saves unnecessary phone calls or emails and gives clients or internal staff efficient tracking of proper process. For any non tailor made/bespoke requirements, this can be handled by the ERP offering above in “OpenAppliances”.

*-33OpenCheckup: Get your ICT in check!

  • OpenTech determine the current state of the ICT within organisation and provide a recommendations report including:
  • What your business does and how your ICT can be effectively used to improve productivity.
  • Identify the use of existing ICT systems, identify aged, unfit for purpose, or out of license software.

OpenWeb: Web Hosting, Web Programming and Site Design

  • *-43Web hosting: We provide a comprehensive managed service to host your web sites as well as all the accompanying services you need, including domain name registration.
  • Email: Provide managed options for email hosting, eg, via Google or other hosting service.
  • Web Programming: In addition to our OpenWorkflows solution, we offer general web programming services that provides things like interactive forms with database lookups, fore example online forms such as questionnaires, application forms and many other aspects.
  • Site Design & CMS (Content Management System): We can develop professional looking web sites for your business and use easy to edit site front-ends using technologies such as WordPress, so you are in control of your website’s content at all times!

OpenSecure: Security analysis, hardening and protection


  • Security Audit recommendation reports, using best of breed security threat assessment tools.
    • Threat assessment & Penetration testing – Eg: WiFi attacks, password strengths, malware/viruses, server patch levels, server exploitability/insecurity tests.
    • Security hardening services (provided mainly as output from recommendation reports).
    • Security tune-up services (eg weekly/monthly/quarterly) system patching and threat assessment.

Customised Services

  • Customised web site offeringssettings-128
  • Docker-based containerised solutions (www.docker.io).
  • Server Configuration Automation.
  • Linux servers including LAMP (Linux/Apache web server/MySQL database/PHP).
  • Linux desktop PCs.