Get Support Now!

For this remote support service you require the Google Chrome Web Browser and a Google (GMail) account. If you don’t have Chrome or a Google Account, click HERE to use TeamViewer instead.

Give us a call on 027 568 7640 and once connected to a support assistant, follow these steps:

Start the Google Chrome web browser and ensure you are signed into your Google Account. You can tell if you are signed in by noting the name up at the top right of the window (see the below screen shot)

If you aren’t signed in, the name will simply read ‘You’. Click ‘You’ and click ‘Sign into Chrome’. You’ll need to use your Gmail credentials to do this.


Visit the following link and click the blue ‘Add to Chrome‘ button.

Google Chrome Web Store: Google Chrome Remote Desktop.

Next, Click ‘Launch App‘.

Accept app permissions:

Click on Remote Assistance (the Green ‘Share’ button):

You will be prompted to Download Remote Chrome Desktop Installer. Click ‘Accept and Install‘.

If prompted by Windows ‘Do you want to run this file’, Click ‘Run’.

Once the installer has completed, launch the Chrome Remote Desktop application from your Start Menu (or Applications folder on your Mac). You should see the following screen.

Provide the code you see to your OpenTech support assistant and they will be able to remotely assist you.