Business Workflow Automation

*-42OpenWorkflows: Bespoke Business Workflow Software

Every business operates on processes and workflows, yet even in this day and age of technology, many businesses are operating in a below optimal manner. Paper based systems, use of e-mails for rigid processes, unwieldy spreadsheets or word documents to name but a few. Almost every business has some area where this could be improved by automating workflows.

  • Using our skills in Web programming and databases, OpenTech can create bespoke business process management (BPM) solutions, where they are out of the scope of the ERP appliance we offer (above).
  • For example, a staff member has to request the status of a particular job that an engineer is/has undertaken at their processing plant. The engineer would click on a link in the process workflow web page saying that they have acknowledged the job, started the job, completed the job, or any other status it can go through. This saves unnecessary phone calls or emails and gives clients or internal staff efficient tracking of proper process. For any non tailor made/bespoke requirements, this can be handled by our “off the shelf” ERP offering.